Goodrington Methodist Church


Christian faith does not mean knowing the answers to everything.
It means believing some things are true despite not knowing the answers to everything.

- God loves you - whatever circumstances you are in, whatever you have or have not done.

- God has shown this love for you by coming to the world in person - in Jesus.

- Jesus fulfilled God?s plan for saving you by dying for you on the cross - not just by dying but by dying for you.

- Jesus has shown that he is victorious over everything, including death, by rising again.

- God wants you to believe this and live your whole life, every minute of every day, with him and for him.


The God who made the universe loves us yet our relationship with him has been broken by our unbelief and disobedience. Through Jesus Christ, his Son, God came to seek after us and to save us. Jesus died for our sins, has risen from the dead and is calling us now to follow him. He offers forgiveness for the past, new life for the present and hope for the future. With our grateful thanks we offer God our worship and service, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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